Saturday, 2 May 2015


Dear Reader!

I hereby declare that the material published in this blog have no other purpose, but to remind fellow colleagues about some aspects of Oracle Database's behavior that 1st) I have come across, and 2nd) I've felt that they're not some of the commonly known aspects of Oracle's behavior.

Also I hope that the posts could help finding problems and [possible] solutions easier on the web, by simply spreading the word, and increasing the exposure of posts' subjects to search engines such as Google.

Therefore I would be grateful if the reader could remind me of a neglected [perhaps earlier] reference to the subject, by leaving a comment.

Most importantly, the posts should by no means be regarded as a manifestation of knowledge, nor experience. They are merely results of experiments that I have been forced to carry out, mainly by chance, and influenced by the projects that I'm involved in, exams I've taken, or curiosity.

It's up to you, the reader, to re-establish what's being presented in this blog as facts, and I humbly ask you to leave a comment, if you find an incorrect or incomplete piece of information on a post.

Babak Tourani

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